A wonderful review of the TONBA2017 annual meeting

TONBA's 2017 annual meeting in February 4th ended, back in 2017, we have touched, proud, with sweat, tears have failed. However we did not regret, give up, because we have been working toward a better vision on the move! Don't forget the heart, continue to move forward, we hold together out of a broad road!


Speech by the chairman of TONBA company



Quality is the life of an enterprise. Good quality can really win the hearts of customers, so that a company can do a long run. In the new beginning of 2018, we will also achieve new leaps and create better quality.


Enterprise vision: to be a world - class digital video equipment bag! We have been working in this direction all the time!


Collective photo of all employees


The company's excellent supplier partners take a photo of the company


Focus on quality, through the world! TONBA all the way with you, we will walk faster and better!

On the occasion of the arrival of 2018, the majority of photographic TONBA wish happy new year! Peace and happiness, be promoted step by step!





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