The company was registered in 2004 and registered the "TONBA" as the trademark, which is a professional design, production and sales of the enterprise. The main products are professional photography package, photographic vest, lens cleaning fluid set, lens pen and other professional photographic equipment accessories.

We are now looking for the following persons:

1. The number of parking lots:

the work experience of the photography package and the box factory, the work is serious and responsible, the movement is skilled, obey the work arrangement, 3000 yuan/month

2. The following two documentary clerks:

high school and above culture, more than one year working experience, strong sense of responsibility, skilled operation of office software, the treatment of negotiable

3. Prong multiple names:

 can bear hardships and stand hard work, work conscientiously, can obey the company's rules and regulations to obey the work arrangement, 3000 yuan/month above

4. Group leader 2:

over two years of experience in the management of luggage factory, able to work under pressure, communication and coordination ability, 3000~3500/ month

5. Board room master 2:

must have more than 5 years of working experience, have done the photography bag paper grid priority, 4000~5000 yuan/month

6. Product quality inspector (QC) 2:

responsible and responsible, with relevant working experience preferred

7. Taobao operation 1:

 Tmall store promotion and operation, have relevant working experience more than 2 years, treatment negotiable

8. Product design 1:

 have relevant box design work experience more than 3 years, treatment negotiable


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